PO Pat Gifford makes first kill in UK airspace, #Ju88 downed at Prestonpans

This German plane shot at my grandad as he went to work along the rail line ..good o’l Pat probably saved his life .

Newbattle at war

On 16th October, 1939 the air raid sirens sounded over Dalkeith and Newtongrange, this was no practice the unmistakable roar of Royal Royce Merlin engines could be heard and the offbeat throbbing of a German bomber’s engine.

An attack by Junkers 88s on the Royal Navy at Rosyth had gone badly wrong for the Germans, faced by an alley of fire from the static anti aircraft, the ships guns and then Spitfires from Drem (602 Squadron)  the attack had split up.

One of the JU88 was chased inland at high speed towards Dalkeith where it was bounced by Spitfires from 603 Squadron based at RAF Turnhouse, (Edinburgh Airport). The Squadron had just taken delivery of brand new Spitfires and were keen as mustard to try them out against the Luftwaffe.

They did not disappoint, one of the Pilots a Flt Lt Patrick Gifford from Castle Douglas, latched onto the JU88 and…

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